1943-44 Hammer Field Raiders Softball
Softball Team
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The Fresno-based team of U.S. Army members won back-to-back World Fastpitch Championships in 1943-44 behind balanced play and the masterful pitching of Private First Class Al Linde and Sgt. Kermit Lynch.

In '43, the Raiders beat the best teams in California and the West Coast to qualify for the world tournament in Detroit. They took five of six games there, twice beating the hometown Briggs Bombers with Lynch in the pitching circle.

They went one better the following year by going undefeated in the World Championships, which were held in Lakewood, OH, just outside Cleveland, and attracked nearly 48,000 fans over six days.

Instrumental to the Raiders' success were 2-1, 18-inning, and 1-0, 12-inning victories over the Zollners of Fort Wayne, IN.

1943 Raiders: Pfc. Al Linde, Cpl. Dalton Monroe, Cpl. Ed Scienski, S/Sgt. Jim Clendening, Cpl. George Papach, Pfc. Woody Alexander, Pfc. Dutch Chandler, Cpl. Jim Jelenich, Sgt. Bob Nugent, Sgt. Kermit Lynch, Sgt. Nick Russo, Sgt. Charles Stojeba, S/Sgt. Fred Rickert, and 1st Lt. Art Miller.

1944 Raiders: Pfc. Al Linde, Sgt. Kermit Lynch, S/Sgt. Jim Clendening, Pfc. Woody Alexander, Lt. Tony Iacovitti, S/Sgt. Fred Rickert, Sgt. CHarles Stojeba, T/Sgt. William Anderson, Sgt. Harry Goorabian, Sgt. Bob Nugent, Sgt. George Guss, Cpl. Dalton Monroe, Cpl. George Papach, Pfc. Dutch Chandler, and 1st Lt. Art Miller.

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